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[excerpt from back of book]
“Lost Boy No More” tells the incredible true story of Abraham Nhial – but the story is not his alone. As a nine year-old child, Abraham found himself orphaned as civil war in his homeland of Sudan ravaged his entire village because they refused to embrace Islam. His journey is one of a perilous walk along with 35,000 lost boys of Sudan who fled to Ethiopia. Abraham and others like him made it to the border but their hard times were not over as he endured the refugee camps of Ethiopia. Abraham becomes a lost boy no more when he discovers real salvation through Jesus Christ.

“Lost Boy No More” gives more than a narrative of Abraham’s story. It also gives a history of Sudan and the persecution of Christians by Islamic militants.

ISBN : 978-08054-3166-5
Authors: Abraham Nhial and DiAnn Mills
Foreward by: Dan Patrick


We are seeking tax-deductible donations to support the starving and displaced people of South Sudan with funds to buy food, medicine, shelter, etc. Please send your donations through Father Bob, a personal friend and classmate of Bishop Abraham.  Receive a copy of this book and become a member of Friends of South Sudan when you donate $25 or more to Friends of South Sudan (FOSS).  Send your check or money order to the address below then email Martha at to receive your copy of the book.

St. Luke’s Anglican Church
c/o Father Bob Hudson
1575 East Algonquin Drive
Maysville, KY 41056

(100% of the funds will be used to buy needed supplies).

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