Life in the refugee camps for the Lost Boys of South Sudan

Bishop Abraham was the minister in the refugee camps and has been the minister to the Lost Boys in the United States.  He has received a degree in Biblical Studies while living in the United States.  He feels it is his mission to make sure people will not forget and speaks at many churches and universities across the country.  For his speaking tour schedule or to have him come speak at your event, please go to the Speaking Tour page.


Three ways are possible:


Pray intensely for your persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in South Sudan.

Prayer is so critical. It is the mainstay of what keeps Bishop Abraham doing what he is called to do.  Will you join with us in prayer?  Get connected with the prayer team for Bishop Abraham by clicking on the link below.

Sign up for our prayer team!


Bishop Abraham receives no income and depends on God daily to help him and his people. Bishop Abraham is one of the few Lost Boys that has returned to South Sudan to help his people.  He said, “If others are willing to go back and help my people, how can I not go back?”  He is selfless, and instead of staying in the U.S. and being paid by a large church, he is trying to help his people with not only food, medicine and shelter, but to help them to know Jesus Christ.

NOTE: Donate $25 or more to Friends of South Sudan (FOSS), and receive a free copy of the book Lost Boy No More and become a member of Friends Of South Sudan.   Send your check or money order to the address below and then email Martha at to receive your copy.

We are seeking tax-deductible donations to support the starving and displaced people of South Sudan with funds to buy food, medicine, shelter, etc.  Please send your donations through Father Bob, a personal friend and classmate of Bishop Abraham:

St. Luke’s Anglican Church
c/o Father Bob Hudson
1575 East Algonquin Drive
Maysville, KY 41056

(100% of the funds will be used to buy needed supplies).

Bishop Abraham risks his life every day to glorify God.  He is truly a spiritual mentor and example to so many.  One of his current missions is to finish the walls on his cathedral and to build a school for all girls.

If you have any questions, please contact Martha Server, Chair of Friends of the Diocese of Aweil at (828) 669-2809 and/or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

Bishop Abraham's Unfinished South Sudan Church
Participants gather outside a church in the Diocese of Aweil where the Dunamis Project and Alpha Training took place. Bill Server, Frank Drake, and Christian Zebley were the American teaching team.
Photo of unfinished cathedral in Aweil, South Sudan
Photo of Bishop Abraham’s unfinished cathedral in Aweil, South Sudan.  Donations are being sought after to provide the walls and windows to enclose this cathedral to make it useable.


Is the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart right now?  Are you sensing a call to go and also help the people of South Sudan, the world’s newest and yet poorest country.  There are opportunities available  to join teams that are going to teach Dunamis Projects and lead campaigns.  Please contact our partners to see what is happening next.


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