Speaking Tour

Bishop Abraham’s Speaking Tour:

December 2013 – After war broke out on December 15, 2013, Bishop Abraham visited new and longer-term refugees of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

Came to the USA in early February 2014 with support from St. Michaels Church in Charleston ,SC

Attended the Global Impact Celebration (GIC) in Charleston, SC

Visited lost boy brothers in Atlanta, GA

Attended Hope for South Sudan (sponsored by ALARM) in Dallas, TX and visited other lost boys

Visited lost boys in Richmond, VA and Washington, DC

While in Washington, DC, met with Special Envoy to South Sudan, attended hearing on South Sudan, met with people from ENOUGH project, and met with individuals from the U.S. Institute of Peace and U.S. Aid

Visited lost boys in Kansas City and preached to South Sudanese at St. Pauls Episcopal Church

Preached at Trinity Episcopal Parish, Diocese of Olympia, and at St. Johns South Sudanese Church in Seattle, WA and met with lost boys

Came to Black Mountain, NC and visited the Veterans Administration Hospital, helped during an Alpha meeting, talked to fourth and fifth graders at Black Mountain Elementary School, gave special talk to the Montreat College international students, mens soccer team, and local missionaries at the Billy Graham Evangelical Association office in Montreat, NC, and prayed special prayers at services of Christ Community Church – Montreat

Met at PRMI Community of the Cross (COC) where he and his Diocese have a partnership and filmed an interview on the current political, economic and spiritual situation in South Sudan

Bishop Abraham is leaving on Monday, March 24, back to his Diocese in South Sudan

Bishop Abraham Nhial - Lost Boy of South Sudan
Bishop Abraham Nhial – Lost Boy of South Sudan while being interviewed by CBS 60 Minutes program.

Bishop Abraham Yel Nhial is one of the few Lost Boys of Sudan who have resettled in the United States and then chose to return to now South Sudan. He is referred to as the spiritual leader of the Lost Boys for his commitment, work, and outstanding achievements for the southern Sudanese. He speaks at colleges, schools, churches, and community-conscious groups around the USA about the Lost Boys of Sudan and the plight of the Sudanese during the decades-long civil war raging in his country. He resides in Aweil, South Sudan but comes to the US for a couple of months each year to minister to his brothers (The Lost Boys) as well as raise awareness to the plight of his beloved South Sudanese people. His wife and children reside in Kenya due to the lack of schools and safety issues in South Sudan.

If you are interested in having Bishop Abraham speak to your organization, please contact info@lostboysnomore.org or use the Contact Us page to submit your request.


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