PRESS RELEASE: God Save Our Nation; South Sudan

Press Release

December 23, 2013

Voice of South Sudanese Church Leaders in Nairobi-Kenya:
Theme ‘God Save Our Nation; South Sudan”

It is after we have heard about the devastation and destruction war that erupted in Juba on December 15th, 2013 and extended to Bor town on the 18th December, 2013 and later to Bentui that we the undersigned bishops needed to add our voice and alarm the world that South Sudan is in crisis and needed urgent intervention. We the bishops and clergymen from South Sudan called this urgent meeting under the theme “God Save Our Nation of South Sudan”. We are seeking peace and ceasefire urgently and welcome the world to intervene and put an end to the rampant killing of innocent women, children, disabled and the elderly people that are dying without cause and the abuse that is now going on across the Country.

We are condemning senseless killing of civilians and call upon the President of South Sudan H.E General Salva Kiir Mayardit and the former Vice President Dr, Riek Machar to  stop fighting and come for dialogues and peaceful negotiation than the use of gun. We urge you to put the lives of the people first and political differences should be addressed later in love and harmony. It is with this concern that we need to call upon the government of Kenya under the leadership of H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, United Nation, AU, IGAD, UK and USA to come and approach these two leaders to come together and address the security situation in the country. We are tired of war, we need peace and South Sudanese peace is African Peace. Innocent Children, Women are dying and wailing without knowing the cause of their death and abuse.  May you come to our help and stand with us in this critical situation.

We are extending our call to all South Sudanese in Diaspora and Kenya in –particular to Live in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters and abstain from political influences that come from politicians. Therefore, we strongly recommended that all tribes regardless of Dinka, Nuer, Shiluk, Lotuko, etc should not be involved in violent. The conflict that has just started in Juba should not be misunderstood as Nuer-Dinka conflict but it is a political difference among the politicians. Hence, we encourage peaceful dialogues between President Kiir and Dr. Riek to accept sitting together and resolve their political differences in a manner that portray political will and patriotism to the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan.

We are requesting for the Regional organizations IGAD, East Africa Community (EAC) and all Humanitarian Agencies to donate humanitarian assistance (food, tents, and medicines…) to the victims who are caught up under this difficult situation.

We appeal to all Christians around the world to pray for political stability in South Sudan and we request all South Sudanese Christian in Kenya and elsewhere to conduct prayers in their South Sudanese churches here in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kakuma and many other places outside Kenya this is because our success is in God’s hand as indicated in Bible that, “but if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by the one other” (Gal 5:15). May we all live in peace as brothers and sisters, we hate the war and we love peace’! “Almighty God comes to our help” Voice from South Sudanese bishops and clergymen in Nairobi-Kenya.

Rt. Rev. Ezekiel Ding Ajang
Rt. Rev. Jospeh Makeer Ator
Rt. Rev. Moses Deng Bol
Rt. Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial
Ven. Simon Thon Jok
Rev. James Bol Chol
Ven. James  Chol Deng
Mr. Dominic Deng Majok
Mr. James Magook Cilim
Mr. Simon Yak Deng
Evan. Daniel Yor Deng
Ven. Stephen Mayuen Mou
Ven. Antipas Mayen Biar
Mr. Deng Yak Dout
Ven. Peter Garang Deng

Thank you all.

Bishop Abraham Nhial

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