“If others are willing to go back and help my people, how can I not go back?”

Bishop Abraham Nhial

Bishop Abraham and Soldiers

Bishop Abraham Nhial (in purple) and South Sudan Soldiers cross over a bridge from South Sudan into Sudan.  Bishop Abraham is one of the few Lost Boys to return back to his homeland and help the people of South Sudan.  He does not receive any regular pay for this ministry work, but rather his work is supported only through prayer and those that are called to support his work.

We invite you to explore his story through this website and to join with him in supporting the hurting people of South Sudan who endured many years of war, losing over 2 million people.

CBS 60 Minutes

CBS 60 Minutes Easter 2013
Report: Lost Boy No More – Part One & Two

Part One

Part Two

Bob Simon first met the Lost Boys in a Kenyan refugee camp in 2001 after they had fled civil war in the Sudan. Some of the young men were relocated to the U.S. — how are they doing now?

100 Huntley Street


100 Huntley Street Report: Lost Boy No More

Producer: Denise Lodde

The story of Abraham Nhial – a boy who had to flee his home in southern Sudan after civil war broke out in 1983. He became part of the Lost Boys, a group of 35,000 boys who walked over a thousand miles to find freedom. He shares the story of his life and how he found faith and the strength to forgive in the midst of tragedy.